Dear Name Withheld,

I know that aggressiveness and impoliteness are the staples of the male dominated, testosterone driven, bullshit filled world of business in which you operate, but in no way was I questioning your competence or masculinity (although I am now) in my previous email to you. I apologize.

I am sorry that you prefer to assert your dominance in daily acts of meanness and that you find that acceptable behaviour. I am also sorry for not being able to call you out on it because you probably wouldn’t understand why the way you behaved was not okay and would make our business relationship more unpleasant. 

Yours Sincerely,

My Inner Rage Monster



Apparently we mean third worlders do mean things to the world, SUPER MEAN things like reproduce all the time! And we want to take over the world with brown yellow blue black polka dotted pinstriped babies and make the world one big giant ditch! That’s our master plan! 

I refuse to engage with any commentary/reblog/ask/link today and in the coming weeks that will talk of overpopulation because 

— invariably it comes down to nasty third worlders doing reproduction without thinking of the REST OF THE WORLD’S RESOURCES! *sob11!!*

— usually they do it without thinking how the problem with the world isn’t more babies but uneven resource allocation. 

— and almost always they do it without thinking about their own nation-state’s — by which I mean typically North America — hand in usurping most of world resources (material, intellectual and otherwise) from the past few decades, if not centuries. 

— third world bodies are reduced to “uncontrollable” wombs, people who are too ignorant to use contraception and almost always blur many, many wars we have to have vis-a-vis reproductive justice

So, though I’d love to join a global meltdown, I’m going to sit this one out. 

I had such an angry when I saw the overpopulation related reblogs on my dash. The problem with the world isn’t that there are too many babies being born. The problem is that people think that it’s the problem. Malthus wasn’t right about the relationship between resources and the world’s population back in his day, and HE’S NOT RIGHT ABOUT IT NOW.